Ahmed Nusfaleal: Sanaa through my eyes, for you

When Ahmed reached Sanaa, he took these pictures to share with the world.
He invites everyone to see Sanaa through his eyes: the people, the Old City, the markets, the sellers, the smiles. The herbs, the flowers, goat milk, As-Saylah (the wadi which – in monsoon season becomes a river), the centuries old architecture, people getting ready to celebrate weddings and that strong, unbeatable will to accept anything which happens and might come with dignity and strength.

Happy Birthday Shafilea Ahmed

You are turning thirty tomorrow, Shafilea. Our common friend Alex Jones , who has been campaigning so actively for you and all the girls trapped, sold, potentially married off, passed on from one family to another, asked me if I wanted to ink down a thought and wish you happy birthday. Alex said: ‘It´s herContinue reading “Happy Birthday Shafilea Ahmed”

The War Stories Collector

‘I made a website called Uncloak that shares the stories of people living in war zones and the incidents and experiences they had. Until now I’ve published four stories. And I’m looking for more. Uncloak was made to share the incidents and stories that happened to people in all war zones. Not just Yemen.’If youContinue reading “The War Stories Collector”

Addisallem: I know everything now

‘Tomorrow is my birthday’ she says. ‘Look, you were born in July, now it’s only May.’ ‘My life has started the day I met you.’ Addisallem, New World, was born in July, 29 years ago. This is not her real name though it suits her perfectly. Addisallem has lived more than one single life canContinue reading “Addisallem: I know everything now”

The Nile Blues of Danilo Vallarino

 ”I live in Ethiopia in Bahir Dar in the region of Amara. I have been here for 26 months, my first working experience abroad, apart from a summer I spent working in a hotel in France. Bahir Dar is a tourist destination, ranked among the 10 most beautiful cities of Africa, being near to the waterfallsContinue reading “The Nile Blues of Danilo Vallarino”