the bond

(You are)
just a few clouds away
behind dune sands
passed the leveled square tops of the region’s mountains
in the rhythm of the sun

(You are)
in each crescent moon
shade of palm trees
and tides of the Arabian Sea

(You are heard)
in the call for the prayer of every mosque
the bustling of the souqs
the opening of windows
shutting of gates
school yards, majlis, maternity wards
especially in the maternity wards
in the whispered words of devotion

(I dream)
the camel caravans bringing the tone of your laughter
the scent of your existence
the words you speak

(I rely)
on the moon, the sun, the rain, the winds, the people, the actions and deeds
to help us keep our bond

(to Yemen)

artwork Adel Al Maweri