Children’s Drawings from Yemen

Last February Melissa McCaig Wells, along with Curators Victoria Latysheva, Charlotte Hamson presented in New York TRUMPOMANIA, an international exhibition surrounding the topic of Donald Trump and the Republican administration in the US.
The exhibition ran in NYC March 1-5, in correlation with The Armory Show and Armory Arts Week, to a worldwide audience.
TRUMPOMANIA featured one artist from over thirty countries, each exhibiting one work illustrating their interpretation of the election of Trump creating a dialogue about what this presidency means to artists around the world and their illustration on how this will affect the future of all nations.

Melissa pushed the boundaries further and opened the doors of the exhibition also to the children of Yemen, affected by – at the time – 2 years of endless war (aggression by US-backed/Saudi led Coalition). Now it’s 970 days of war.
Not only Trump’s ban on Muslim countries included Yemen, but America’s inconsiderate arms sales to Saudi Arabia (110 billion USD) are part of the maiming and killing of thousands of children of Yemen.
Drone strikes have seen a sharp rise (over 100 in 2017 by the Trump administration) and without US logistical, technical (refueling of Coalition’s aircrafts bombing Yemen) and intelligence guiding, the Coalition would not have been able to cause such a level of destruction.

The situation on the ground between February and today has worsened beyond belief: the country is under lockdown, no aid enters while 20 million of Yemenis are dependent on aid; 50.000 children are expected to die by the end of the year of famine, curable diseases, cholera, diphtheria, meningitis or just because too weak to continue living.
Three cities (Saada, Hodeidah, Taiz) have no more access to safe water as the fuel is not entering the country and Sanaa, the Capital, will be next.
Cholera outbreak – of biblical proportions – will most likely affect 1 million people by the end of the new year, with over 2000 casualties officially recorded.

For TRUMPOMANIA, last January and February, we collected drawings from Yemeni children (who happen to be the only reason behind everything we have been doing for the past 970 days day) asking them if there was something they wanted to say, to add beyond the headlines or lack of media coverage.
Children spoke their language through drawings and scribblings and the results were appalling. Chronicles of daily scenes of massacres and warplanes, destruction, fire and blood.
The drawings here below (just a part of a large collection) were gathered for TRUMPOMANIA by two registered Yemeni NGOs: Human Needs Develooment – HND and Your Abilities Organization and, on World Children Day we leave it here. As a ‘j’accuse‘ for us all.


Omar Mohammed – 10 years old


Amasy Bushier Al-kenay Age: 11 Depicting the bombing of Faj Attan where an illegal bomb was dropped killing/injuring over 500











Alaa Mohiy Sharfaldeen



Name: Amar Jamal Hamdy, Age – 12 USA kills The Yemeni people
Hanan Alsdah, Age: 10 Describes buildings before and after the bombs
Heba Adel, Age: 12 – A girl cries, fearing bombs and warplanes sound
Roaa’ Dariss, Age 10 – A missile targeted a home and killed the family, and injured were seen out of the home
Abdullah Zuhrah, Age 12 – The sky watching Yemen and crying with blood
Asra Adel, Age: 10 Destruction and bodies in the streets
Shihab Majdi, Age 9 – The missile took the house


Maddlaf Kamal, Age 9 – A mother crying for her kid killed by Saudis’ bomb












”Yemen is my Country” Jamil Al Abiad

Some of my FB friends telling is not right to post such graphic pictures of starved and dead children, because some people might get offended by them.

Well, I am sorry to those I might have offended, no offense intended, but I feel that people around the world should see this and know about the horrible atrocities that are happening in Yemen, after all, we are all fellow human beings living and sharing the same planet, especially when the news about Yemen is not shown or reported in the mainstream media.

Yemen is my country, and it breaks my heart to see it being destroyed and devastated day by day for almost 1000 days.

I live in it, I have friends and family members who were killed and injured by the Saudi bombardment.

The Saudi warplanes are flying over my city every day dropping bombs in residential neighborhoods in front of my eyes, the same is happening in other cities, towns and villages for the last 33 months where tens of thousands of innocent women and children were killed, with hundreds of thousands of houses destroyed across the country.

The infrastructure of Yemen has been devastated, schools, hospitals, roads, bridges, factories, power stations, airports, seaports, water and sanitation systems and networks, you name it, it has been targeted by the Saudi warplanes.

There is famine, and starvation all over the country, millions of people are being starved to death because of the unlawful blockade of land, sea and airports imposed by the Saudis along with the US, the UK and other countries, which they don’t deny, under the watchful eye of the UN.
If this is not a collective punishment and crime against humanity, then what is?

The spread of cholera epidemic is the worst to hit any country in recorded history, one million suspected cases in 10 months, with over 2000 deaths.

A child dies every ten minutes from preventable diseases and hunger, this is according to UN’s reports.

Hundreds of thousands of people lost their jobs and have no salaries or regular income to live on.

Shortage of food, medicine, fuel, clean water and other basic requirements for daily life have taken its toll on the vast majority of the population.
And much more.

What would you do if the same happened to you and your country?
God forbid.

[cover by Yemeni artist Ahmed Jahaf whose art has been inspired by the war on Yemen and has become the voice of twenty-eight millions]