For every woman raped in every war

know their names.
learn them by heart.

Systematic weapon of war
without a registry
to keep the stories together

Too many are their names
in the careless stream of news
That registry should feature
grandmothers, daughters, siblings
some a few months old

Words on paper
their names
a million times over
Spread their names
to never allow oblivion

The voices hushed now
their screams muffled then
hand on mouth
a punch to knock their soul out
a Kalashnikov in the mouth

Women’s skins
dark, olive, red, white as the moon
but the moon could not help them
least, their god

Even the sky stood silent
when countless men
broke her leg bones
while raping her
She was just 10 years old


  1. Bob Oort says:

    And herein the truth has been told. A message to all men religiously conditioned to commit their crimes against their mothers, sisters, daughters, the society on the whole and even their brothers while expecting to carry on relentless and unpunished by the laws of their self created and conveniently adopted doctrines, void of regard for any living being age nor gender barred. Religion without conscience, ill conceived misconstrued power in the minds of those who possess no soul, no heart, no concept of the horrific suffering they impose on other living beings. All powerful Man created Gods do not exist, not in the Universe, not on Earth. But in this nonetheless godless world karma prevails and the debts will be duly paid by all perpetrators more merciless than inflicted on their victims.

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    1. Man of God and no God. Man of no principle. The discourse, Bob, is so long. I think women get raped every single day in millions of occasions: advertising, TV shows, even headlines. In families, religious circuits, at work.
      There is a physical rape and a moral one, there is rape in the narrative of photography, in words in a pub. On the street.
      Patriarchy, the shameful belief that one man is superior to another and that men, in general, are always superior to women and women induced to believe that if you have been raped, somehow, it was your fault.
      In war, rape has always been used against women, children and even men as a form of torture.
      I am sceptical on karma, at this stage. I wish we just opened our eyes on what is around us and how we think (am not saying how we ‘feel’).


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