Ahmed Nusfaleal: Sanaa through my eyes, for you

Our friend Ahmed Nusfaleal travelled more than 10 hours to reach Sanaa.
One hundred and fifty km, in times of war and road blocks, check-points and madness of these days, meant a detour of additional, tiring hours. With no certainty to reach, safely, the Capital. Literally, a trip into the unknown.

Still, when Ahmed reached Sanaa, he took these pictures to share with the world.
He invites everyone to see Sanaa through his eyes: the people, the Old City, the markets, the sellers, the smiles. The herbs, the flowers, goat milk, As-Saylah (the wadi which – in monsoon season becomes a river), the centuries old architecture, people getting ready to celebrate weddings and that strong, unbeatable will to accept anything which happens and might come with dignity and strength. With a humble acceptance. Yemen is stronger than any war. Yemen will overcome difficult times because, as Ahmed says: ”On the occasion of weddings, we are dancing in the streets. We are the people of happiness. We are the people who dance and overcome anything, the difficulties and the crisis and the war without worry or fear. Twenty four hours after twenty-four hours, we fight back and accept. And carry on.”
He ends with a message of hope: ”It has been raining a lot this season and our land has been blessed with rainbows. Rainbows will bring peace.”

Sooner or later, they will Ahmed.

Souqh al Mihl, Old City of Sanaa


Souqh al Mihl, Old City of Sanaa


Souqh al Mihl, Old City of Sanaa

Bab Barrum Quarter and Saylah after the rain – Old City of Sanaa
In front of Al Qasimi quarter, Old City of Sanaa . The area was hit by a Saudi missile in the first hours of June 12 2015. Nothing stands any longer
Music at Bab el Yemen, Old City of Sanaa
Music in the Old City of Sanaa
Souq al Milh, Old City of Sanaa
Souq al Milh, Old City of Sanaa
Herbs and flowers sellers, Sanaa
As-Saylah, just after a night of rain. Old City of Sanaa
Sanaa, after the rain and Saylah turnt into a river



Never forget the smiles from Yemen

All pictures: Ahmed Nusfaleal

Update on: ”Missing Moldovan anesthesiologist in Yemen”

We have been informed, just now (26 August 2016), that Valentina has sent a message to her family. She is safe in a secure place in Yemen.
The family and friends extend their gratitude to all who helped tracing her.

Original post, published on August 20, reported:
”We have been approached by friends of  Валентина Раю (translitteration: Valentina Raui), a 55 year old anestesiologist who came to Yemen in 2014, under contract, to work in a hospital (no name provided).

Unfortunately Ms Валентина Раю / Raui , who is 55, has lost contact with her family.
Last time her brother and friends heard from her was for Easter. On the occasion, she promised to return to Moldova on August 15 for the summer holidays.
Her home and Yemeni numbers are disconnected and Ms Валентина Раю / Raui has never made it home.
Due to the current conflict, Moldova has no diplomatic mission in Yemen.
If anyone recognises her or is aware of her whereabouts, if anyone has recent information, can help, please contact, on Facebook, one of her concerned friends here


Original message
Прошу помочь с поиском человека!ЕЕ зовут Валентина Раю,ей 55 лет.Она медработник,анестезиолог.Наша семья дружит с ней вот уже лет 10.В 2014 году она уехала по контракту на работу в Йемен,в госпиталь.Мы общались с ней по скайпу,писались по мылу.Родни у нее нет.Есть брат в Страшенах,они редко общались, адреса не знаю,есть домашний номер-он отключен.С Пасхи 2016года она на связь больше не выходит,обещала приехать 15 августа 2016года,мы переживаем почему ее нет на связи столько месяцев.Общих знакомых у нас нет.Может с помощью ваших постов найдутся люди кто с ней общается,может она кому звонила по телефону??Одна надежда что она появится 15 августа здесь….Прошу перепосты.Любую информацию пишите в коменты.в личку,звоните по моему номеру 068156448

Yemen, where schools are bombed ‘just because’

A friend writes: ‘Before war, Yemeni children were still studying here. They had a place to study at, a tree, a straw bale house or just whatever it was.  9
After Houthi came to libe
rate us from corrupt and incompetent government and after Al Saud came to help us build a better country without militants, our children lost everything schools, trees, caves etc. Dangers are surrounding them everywhere. Go to hell, all of you.’



The war on Yemen, commenced by the Saudi led Coalition has brought us all to provide numbers, like automatic machines: 3 millions internally displaced, 9 million with no access to water, 21 million underfed and with no access to food, 10.000 killed (mainly civilians), 16.000 maimed for life: there is a number for everything and a name to accompany each case. And numbers skyrocket from one week to the other.


According to Unicef, over 3000 schools had to close doing to the ‘ongoing conflict’  (why no one calls it an aggression is still beyond comprehension) leaving almost 2 million children with no education.


On Saturday, August 13, a school (private home-school) in Juma Bin Fadhel  area of Saada was purposely airstruck by the Saudi led Coalition, leaving 10 children dead and over 20 injured.
Saada, declared military zone by the Saudis, has been a target of every single bomb available in the 21st century. Everything has been dropped on its soil, something close to nothing still stands.
Saudis claim there was no school there: only a children-soldiers recruiting and training centre, hence, bombing justified.

In a week filled with Saudi’s war crimes – at a rate of 1-2 per day – we just want to reitarate that Kudos go to the population: those teachers who never gave up on Yemeni children and parents who continue to send their kids to ‘school’ (whatever that means now).
What the world does not get is the vastitude of this war: schools are considered recruitment places for child soldiers, hence, bombed.
Schools are bombed just because everything else has already been bombed. Schools are bombed because the uncle of the cousin of someone whose relative teaches in the school is Houthi or has a drop of Iranian blood in his veins.
Schools are bombed as collateral damage.
Schools are bombed because the carnage of the innocent hurts more and there is a pleasure in breaking the spine of Yemen.
Schools are bombed because the ‘taking of Sanaa’ the media keeps on filling its mouth with, passes through war crimes. One after the other, one filthier than the other.
The vast majority of Yemeni children goes to school empty stomach because 80% of the population is food insecure (famined), still, teachers are there and children walk to whatever stands as a school.
A paranoid urge to bomb has pervaded Saudis: something unseen before in history. Satanic.
But Yemenis continue to teach and children being educated. What is left of them, that is.
Resilience and courage are Yemeni.
The rest is understood.