Yemen: this is why the War Hurts

Any war hurts.Any conflict is a war on humanity and on the most vulnerable: children first. The poor. The sick, the elderly, the defenseless. Those who are silenced because their voice will never be reported. The animals. The illiterate. Those who live on less than 2 dollars per day. Or even 5. Those who haveContinue reading “Yemen: this is why the War Hurts”

She called Wars ‘Chaos of the World’

Simply, she said: ‘The more we react to these wars, the more the devils love it. For they feed on that negative energies. Very tricky. I am always searching on how to be at peace with all these psyche damaging events.’ I somehow managed to reply: ‘Yes, I know what you mean. But you cannotContinue reading “She called Wars ‘Chaos of the World’”

Mazher Nizar, more than a Yemeni artist

This is beautiful. Coming out of Yemen, from one of its sons. And if there is a medium of universal dialogue, it´s art. Art crosses all barriers, it expresses, it changes, it can make people angry, is seen with different eyes, ears, palates across the universe. It communicates on a multitude of different levels. Art restsContinue reading “Mazher Nizar, more than a Yemeni artist”

20 April 2015: 84 injured and 495 dead. The honouring list

April 20 2015 Not even a month after the Saudi led coalition started its infamous campaign of daily-deadly-massacring airstrikes on Yemen, the city of Sanaá had to witness the biggest explosion ever felt on our skin. There have been multiple other terrible days and nights for almost 400 days now. But of April 20 weContinue reading “20 April 2015: 84 injured and 495 dead. The honouring list”

Zainb: a Soul of the War on Yemen

Charlene Rodrigues has well documented the heavy toll of the war on Yemen on mothers and new-born babies in her article for  Newsweek Middle East:  Yemen: War-Zone-Babies  (April 6, 2016). From abortions out of fear to not being able to move for medical attention due to the lack of transportation or high fuel costs , fromContinue reading “Zainb: a Soul of the War on Yemen”

Landmines and wheelchairs in Sanaá

There is one basic fact difficult to divulge and get through: prior to the aggression on Yemen by Saudi Arabia and coalition of mercenaries with the silent approval and support of US Intelligence, situation in Yemen was already unbearably difficult. What is known as the current Yemen had been a battle field of almost 20Continue reading “Landmines and wheelchairs in Sanaá”

Yemeni children take death as a part of life

No food, no medical aid and medicines allowed to enter Yemen thanks to the Saudi-led land-air-sea siege on Yemen. A siege which has entered its second year, just like the war. What was meant to be a brief military campaign carried out mainly by airstrikes, has turnt into a catastrophe which is paving the wayContinue reading “Yemeni children take death as a part of life”

Thinking of Z., my friend. A Peace Worker

While my personal life was being swallowed by far too big historical events,  a friend  was leaving everything behind.  Everything means the country she so loved, cultivated with her back parallel to the soil, barehand, seeding a new tomorrow, where she painted and her life rotated with the moons and the rains, the changing of theContinue reading “Thinking of Z., my friend. A Peace Worker”

Tareq Abdullah and no chance of survival in war-torn Yemen

Tareq Abdullah is only 10 years old. He comes from an extremely indigent family of Hodeidah, Westerm Yemen, and  life has balanced the lack of money in his days with abundancy of illnesses and grief. Tareq happens to be deaf, suffers from renal failure and has an enlarged heart. With such a clinical record, chances ofContinue reading “Tareq Abdullah and no chance of survival in war-torn Yemen”