A young man in the making in times of war

To see a young boy, no more than seven or eight, crying because of the war, is something we will never get accustomed to.
Qasim Ali Al-Shawea – in the picture – of Your Abilities Yemeni NGOمنظمة قدراتك للتنمية your.abilities.org ) writes:

”Every day I meet a child, family, displaced people during my work with my team and I have a close look at people’s unbearable conditions, how they try to stay safe, alive in such a humanitarian disaster. 
I see children sleeping at night with empty stomachs, after having fought hunger for several days.
I meet many families who have fled their homes to live hopeless, homeless in displacement camps; I am seeing a daily nightmare, a tragedy I have never seen…ever, in my life.
How not to mention the Cholera outbreak which is decimating lives while hospitals are full with patients. 
What is happening in Yemen is really inhuman, illegal and unfair. We are human beings and have human hearts, the world shouldn’t keep ignoring the children and women’s suffering. Every child deserves to live a better life.”

I asked Qasim why was the young boy shedding so helplessly and he replied:
He told me that he and his family used to have a better life.  That was before bombs fell on their home. He was crying because his brother was killed there, at home, under a missile. Now they are living in a tent in a displacement camp. They have nothing to eat, monsoon rains enter the only abode they have. He wants clothes… he really asked me a lot: new clothes, toys, a chance to study. He is a clever child. I felt so sad for him and their life, the hard conditions they must cope with. Heartbreaking, really.”

The picture of a child, dressed like a man in the making, with a jacket which most likely will be worn until it fades to a shadow of a garment, crying helplessly cannot be the emblem of childhood. Not in 2017.
Yemen has been under air strikes, blocked by a siege, crippled by cholera and famine for over eight hundred and sixty days. A number so heavy it seems too long even to write. Impossibly long for a child whose home and past have been buried under a missile.


  1. Bob Oort says:

    QUOTE: “What is happening in Yemen is really inhuman, illegal and unfair”.
    The only word to describe this truthfully is “CRIMINAL”
    So who or what is the perpetrator of this which is blatant murder on a grand scale, directly imposing horrific physical and mental suffering, trauma remaining for life, loss of reason, loss of purpose, affecting millions of people every day and indirectly affecting most of the 7.6 – 8 billion people who according to ANY TRUE RULE OF JUSTICE ALL HAVE THE RIGHT TO LIVE A LIFE IN PEACE WITHOUT HAVING FEAR, VIOLENCE AND INTOLERABLE SUFFERING IMPOSED ON THEM? Who are the ISRAELIS? the SAUDIS? WAHABIS? SUNNIS? SHIITES, HOUTIS, who runs the religious institutions? HINDUISM, ISLAM, JUDAISM, the VATICAN, the GREEK, BALKANS and RUSSIAN CATHOLIC ORTHODOXY? And who runs the political power institutions, the banking institutions that finance war, mayhem, conflict, human, animal and environment destruction? Who are the industrialists turning this Planet into a chemical garbage dump? Who buys all the “cheap” products of slave labor children included? Who are the savages who murder and rape without a hint of conscience? Who creates a world of millions upon millions of orphans, distraught, disorientated, functionally disabled children thrown into life in refugee camps and at the mercy of the hyenas of all unthinkable slavery industries? Who are the people living in exuberant wealth false as this wealth is? Imperialist Empire Builders, offspring of ruthless conquerors invading, plundering, ravaging villages, town, cities, countries, indiscriminately murdering men, women and children, then claiming ownership of property and authority over the people they plunged into poverty and despair?

    The onus of responsibility for all the suffering and misery in this world lies with each and every individual irrespective of status. Having these questions answered by anyone else instead of oneself will not work, every single person on this Planet needs to answer according to his/her own conscience, for wars, violence and destruction are generated by the ignorance of those who value material wealth above Life. People need to stop living in the surreal world created in the Mind by fantasies and ill fated dreams of an eternal existence out in the Universe. Life is NOW, ON THIS PLANET, the monotonous religious excuse that suffering is necessary in order to grow is preposterous and claimed only by those living in the criminally manipulated religious and consumer comfort zones who don’t have the slightest notion of what the horrific reality of wars imposed suffering is like.


    Bob Oort, administrator VOICES FOR CHANGE and WORLD PEACE EMBASSY


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