Manal, a light for thousands of Yemeni disabled

Manal is in her mid-twenties, an active, passionate and smart young woman. Yemeni, she holds a University degree from the Faculty of Arts in Sanaá in English literature and, indeed, she masters perfect English. The feeling you have when you talk to her, see her moving around, watch her dealing with people and friends, is that Manal is full of energy, determined though extremely humble.

´´I am planning to study abroad. I would like to have a master degree in management, one day´´, she says but her situation is not easy. She does not know when she will ever be able to travel abroad as she is looking for a ´´scholarship anywhere´´ whilst no one helps Yemeni students, especially these days. Born in the 90s, she has already witnessed a war in 1994 between South and North Yemen, the Arab Spring of 2011, the revolution in 2014, a coup d´etat in January 2015, countless number of terroristic attacks and almost one year of aggression against her country. Not a simple aggression: Manal, like all Yemenis, has been under airstrikes almost every day since 2am of March 26, 2015 when neighbouring Saudi Arabia, along with a coalition of nine countries, decided to restore the government of fugitive president Abd Rabbuh Mansoor Hadi. No matter the circumstances, the sleepless nights because of the missiles pouring from the sky, you know tomorrow morning Manal will be at the office working – restlessly – with her best smile, paying attention to virtually everyone, running around.

When I first met Manal, she apologised she could not send me an email: her office was in an area under air-strikes. I received the email the day after, and it was Friday, weekend for her.

Sometimes I wonder if she gets any sleep at all. Manal has opened a group in Facebook: Yemeni Peace & Coexistence where peace and coexistence are words she personally chose (and she likes to stress it) and is busy online till late, discussing important issues, never forgetting anyone´s birthday or need, uniting Yemenis.


One year ago Manal started working, as Project Manager, at the Rehabilitation and Care Fund for People with Disabilities in Sanaá. The job would be difficult in any moment in a country like Yemen where there is virtually no national health service, 50% of the population lives below the poverty line, where lack of food, water, electricity, basic infrastructure is the reality on the ground. The incomprehensible war waged on her country has basically devastated everything. According to the United Nations, Yemen is witnessing the worst humanitarian crises of our times.

Her enthusiasm, when talking about her job, what she sees every day, is cracked by a deep sorrow: ´´The tragedy of this aggression on people with disabilities in Yemen is apocalyptic. They are suffering and have been forced to face many obstacles during these past, harsh, twelve months. It´s like a horrible, nightmarish year with the killing of thousands of innocent people.´´

´´I am particularly concerned about the impact of this war on people who have to deal with physical disabilities for the rest of their life and this includes visual and hearing disabilities. We had an unprecedented increase in auditory disabilities, for instance, and it is a result of the pressure generated by massive explosions. Visual disabilities are usually a result of sharpers and cluster bombs which cause strong pressure leading to the explosion of windows with a direct attack on one or both eyes.

Physical disabilities regard, mainly, amputation of legs or hands as a result of direct injuries, that is: being hit by flying fragments or collapsing buildings. Many of the people seeking help – and now considered handicapped – were injured by the internationally banned cluster bombs.

Appalling, for the first time in our history, we have started witnessing new-born babies with birth defects, babies mentally impaired or even having cancer due to the gases and toxic emissions of bombs dropped on the entire country´´.

Manal gains strength when she talks about the Fund´s role: ´´We offer all the requirements needed, starting from basic prosthetic devices such as bathroom chairs, crutches, medical mattresses to avoid skin ulcer, walkers, optical sticks for blind people. We provide medicines for most of the disabled who are registered with the Fund and arrange for surgeries in public and private hospitals, all sponsored by us. When possible, we finance medical trips abroad if the disability or the case cannot be handled in Yemen.´´

She adds that the Fund sponsors and provides physical therapy services throughout a network of over 25 centres in various governatorates. Educational services are a huge pride for Manal: ´´We take care of circa 120 associations and centres which provide an academic platform allowing the disabled to study. The project stretches throughout large portions of Yemen and grants scholarships for postgraduated studies.´´ When I ask her who is financing all these activities, Manal replies: ´´The Fund used to generate its income from donating companies and here comes the disaster! Most of the companies have been destroyed by the air strikes and we lost all the support. We can no longer offer even the basic assistance to anyone and the main issue is that the number of disabled people is increasing due to this unjust war.´´ Every day Manal goes to her office and knows there will be something like 100 new people asking for help. ´´It is heartbreaking´´, she admits, ´´when you know you can do little for anyone´´. But she is never discouraged, at least not for long. Manal has been writing to all organisations abroad. Personal letters, signed with her name, asking for help in the name of the Fund.

Today Manal has been busy with one of the biggest achievements of the Fund: the graduation party for 26 hearing impaired students who graduated in architecture and engineering. Thinking all this happened in Yemen, one of the poorest countries in the world, and in time of war, you can only shiver with pride and emotion.

´´There are so many things I want to accomplish in the future. I want to continue working in the humanitarian field, especially relating to people with the special needs, especially working close to the poor with disabilities. I want to travel abroad, have a master degree in management, gain many information from different important people, return to Yemen and help my country.´´

When I ask her if I could use her real name, Manal, in the article, she smiles: ´´You can use my real name and my last name too. My name is Manal Al Marwani. ´´

Rehabilitation and care Fund for people with disabilities Republic of Yemen-Sana’a Bayt Meyad – behind the office of Education – Al-Sabyen Directorate Tel: 00967-1-619774 Fax: 00967-1-619231/5


  1. Manal Almarwani says:

    My God , words can’t get over my keyboard and fingers, Beatrice you are a special woman that has just entered my life in a short time, but really I feel as if it’s a couple of years, you have described me more than I have expected, while I was reading the article, I was wondering is that Manal is that really me!!
    Believe me Beatrice, you have energized me to develop my skills more and more to work over my community and help others and people with special needs , who really needs us to raise them up , I’m so proud of you , proud over our new friendship.
    Last but not least, MANAL’S GOALS are going to be accomplished over this kind support, I’m sure that we will do something adorable and success together.

    Hugs with Regards
    Manal Almarwani

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are a light in this dramatic reality of ours. No need to say anything, Manal. Whatever we do or write, or say, it´s never enough compared to your contribution. Hugs xo


  2. Mona Khazzan says:

    She is a model for all yemeni girls 👏🏻👏🏻

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Indeed Mona. For all the girls around the world.


  3. yepress says:

    Graeat job My syster Manal, you are really deserve it, keep it up you will get what you want.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Manal says:

      I am here now due to your support, proud of you my lovely brother.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. shamsan Jaza says:

    Manal and Beatric you are so wonderful women .Manal I met her for a short time the place was crowded .but I could discover that she is a great and respectful young woman .Full of enthusiasm and energy .she is trying hard to help others .this is the mystery of her greatness.Beatric …you are exceptional woman drawing your attention to forgotten yemeni people …so this is enough to consider you my great example ..I hope we recievr you here in Sanaa nearly.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally agree with you, Shamsan.
      I see in Manal the dreams and determination of so many young people I met in Yemen.
      Your words are touching and I hope to meet you soon.
      Thank you for your support


  5. Nassim Aldhulay says:

    We are all proud of you Manal.
    thetalkingofthesoul, thank you for the great article; it was very touching, and Manal for sure deserves it because she is a girl with a great personality. One thing you don’t know about Manal is that she is a great leader 🙂 and I’m sure one day she will occupy a very important role in the new YEMEN, if God wills.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Nassim: we will write it in the next article about her! 🙂


  6. Hanan says:

    I’m Proud of you so much my dear sister I wish you all the best in your life
    You are a wonderful girl and you love to help people , I wish to be like you

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  7. Moghitha Alkibsi says:

    Dear Beatrice of The Talking of The Soul,

    I thank you very much on a great article which shed light first on the many painful challenges the Yemni society is facing and also on a great young lady.
    I have had the pleasure of meeting Manal in person when I visited Yemen in 2013.
    She is a pioneer and an asset to her community. She also has excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
    She know her people and tries very hard to satisfy as many of their needs as humanly possible. Otherwise she is capable of recruiting and delegating to others in the community. In short she is hard working, strong, and dedicated leader.

    All the respect to Manal and all Yemeni women in this difficult period.
    Sent from my iPad

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    1. Dear Moghita,
      I agree on every single word.
      And I must add that Manal is joined by so many other hard-working men and women.
      The world has no idea the circumstances Yemen is witnessing and how much we need people like Manal and everyone else to go on.
      I thank you for your comment and wish you, from my heart, all the best xo


  8. manal says:

    Dear friends
    Thanks a lot, I’m so glad to have you all in my life, I do appreciate your kind support and enthusiasm.
    Hugs and kisses

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