December 5, 2013

Before the bombs and the fights
Before us entertaining the children
with popcorn and fried bread
to keep them away from the failures of humankind.
Before the broken glasses and the
replacement of windows.
Before us mourning the friends we lost
and the ones who became so after reading their stories on the papers
Before the world going
even madder.
Before it’s too late
can´t we,
live in peace?
Before it’s too late
can we,
for a change,
divert our efforts to
the famined,
the raped,
the ill,
the sad,
the neighbours,
the displaced,
the wounded?
Before it’s too late
can we,
for once,
do differently?

When the war happened, we had no more money for popcorn to entertain the children.
Or oil to fry the bread.


photo via Te Conozco Bacalo



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