She called Wars ‘Chaos of the World’

Simply, she said: ‘The more we react to these wars, the more the devils love it. For they feed on that negative energies. Very tricky. I am always searching on how to be at peace with all these psyche damaging events.’

I somehow managed to reply: ‘Yes, I know what you mean. But you cannot understand fully, I am afraid. Not because you lack compassion, but because you have not experienced it.’

– ‘I do understand. You are still in trauma. Seek help for healing.’
– ‘I do not have a doctor here. War does not go away with medical help.’
– ‘Lots of helpful tools in the net. I am beginning to understand now that we can do our part in helping the chaos in this world by raising our own vibrational frequencies. That is what we need to work on. Our reactions are amplifying the negative energies.’

Wars are psyche negative energies, part of the chaos of world which you can raise your vibrational energies against. And the net offers so much help in case your psyche has traces of PTSD.
To the people in detention camps in Eidomeni, the pregnant woman shot dead (shot 15 times ) along with her brother by Israeli forces at a checkpoint yesterday, the children killed at MSF hospital in already bleeding Aleppo (and remaining-still alive-mourning families) today, to those stuck in Yarmouk camp in Syria, to the 400.000 victims of the Syrian war, to the 60 million refugees worldwide fleeing wars-famine-terrorists-insane laws, to those trucidated by Boko Haram,  to the Yaziri women raped-enslaved-dehumanised, to those 500 drowned in a ghost boat in the Mediterranean sea last week with almost no media coverage, to the 350.000 Yemeni children dying of starvation or about to do so because of food insecurity (again, because of the war), to the orphans of war, the child soldiers of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the eternal campers of Darfur, to the mothers of Fallujah who are raising children made entirely of birth defects with virtually not a healthy bit in their body, to those under barrel bombs in this very moment : ‘You are doing it all wrong. Do not react. You have to raise you own vibrational frequencies before your reactions amplify the negative energies.’
And the net is abundant in tools of great help. So she said.

photo: AFP