We can wear

Irrepressible passion for things to wear.
Apart from the smile of the day or a cloudy mood around.
Apart from a burden or our halo.
We can wear our job, the things we carry: a camera, a note-book, our daily bag with tools. Goods to sell at the market. A canvas. Even a coffin if that is the case.
We can wear our pain. It’s heavy. Or expectations. They are never ending.
We can wear a language or a hat. Even stupidity, though already abundant.
But to wear leaves, tonight, seems the only standing logic.

(in the picture: landscape architect and artist Roberto Burle Marx)


In a village, one day

One day, passing by, someone took out the camera and the village girls started laughing.
The picture is blurred, it’s shaky.
The girls are in their country clothes.
Time of the picture is unknown, as well as the author
But the strength, the energy of the moment is still there.
And it’s all in the smiles.
Memorable moments come through smiles, at times
And an unknown photographer with a shaky hand