Students for Responsible Policies in Yemen

It started straightforwardly, with a message:
Please share this petition against America’s drone campaign! If we get 100,000 signatures, the White House has to respond, and we have a chance to save countless lives.

The petition read:
Curb America’s drone campaigns in Southwest and Central Asian countries, including Yemen, Pakistan, and Afghanistan
America’s drone campaigns are morally, legally and strategically irresponsible.

Morally: Distance from the battlefield produces psychological detachment in soldiers/technicians. Civilian tolls are high and ´´signature strikes´´ target people whose identities are not even known.

Legally: Amnesty Internationaland Human Rights Watch have documented the legal issues with drone strikes.

Strategically: Drone campaigns turn public opinion against the US, empowering groups like Al Qaeda ( AQAP membership has swelled as a result of America’s drone war.
Mr. President, please use your final months in office to curb the drone program and end “signature strikes.” ‘


Surprised, I said we wanted to know more about how they came to think about Yemen under the drones as we wanted to give more light to this  action and he replied: ‘ I just know that drones are a major issue in Yemen. I am president of my university’s “Students for Responsible Policies in Yemen” club, and we are trying to make a difference in our government.’
He added: ´A lot of it is because Yemen is so forgotten. No one in the US seems to care, which I think is so sad and wrong, especially because the American military plays such a big role in Yemen’s problems.’

Do you have a website or reading material so we can blog it also? And why Yemen?
´I did write this article Rethinking America´s role in Yemen, but we don’t have much of an online presence yet – we are a brand new group! If we have anything more in the future I will definitely send it to you.’
He actually thanked us for what we are doing while we were thinking: someone cares and is asking Obama to do something, at least in his last 9 months of presidency.
His name is Ben Gladstone. Pen it down.