Never to be done

There are things to be done every day:
washing oneself, studying, playing,
setting the table
at midday.
There are things to be done every night:
closing one’s eyes, sleeping,
having dreams to dream,
ears for listening.
There are things never to be done,
neither by day nor by night,
neither by sea nor by land:
for example, war.  (Gianni Rodari)


We ask the international community how this child could pose any threat to the stability of Yemen or the entire Middle East Region.
Under which any given law, any treaty, you justify the killing of thousands of Yemenis, the running of blood of our children.
How could this child be a target of bombings by a coalition of nine  countries, twenty-something others involved in dirty arms deals, thousands of mercenaries paid to kill?
Where is the world´s conscience? What has this child done to any of you?
How strong does this make you feel? How brave?