My name is Mestawet Adane, I am Ethiopian and am looking for my Yemeni sister

Migrants and people marrying abroad. The request comes from Ethiopia, a country with close ties to Yemen, and it goes back over 35 years.
A woman looking for her sister with, available, a telephone number and some pictures


My name is Mestawet Adane and I have a sister in Yemen.
She was born here in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia. We share the same father. Her mother was Yemeni and, around 1982-1983 they both returnt to Yemen with the Mother’s father who had a transport company in Gonder, Ethiopia.
They left because of the political hardships of the then Ethiopian Government.

My Sister was three years old in 1982.
She was called Merima Adane or, using her Ethiopian name, Mastewal Adane. This is my Sister and how I remember her:



Halima Ali Hassen


I remember her mother was called Halima Ali Hassen Ali and I am sure that, once they reached Yemen, they were based in Sanaa. This is Halima’s picture.

I found my father’s diary where there are two numbers he used to call in Yemen to talk to my Sister’s mother: 6654760, 6653620.






I also have the pictures of her Mother’s Sisters. Who knows, maybe someone recognises them:








Does anyone have information on Merima and her Mother, Halima?
May Allah bless you.’

The appeal goes to the Ethiopian community in Yemen (presumably Sanaa) and to anyone who has memories of those years.
For Mestawet, here with her son, the time has come to fill the gap.


(Collected for the page of Living In Yemen On The Edge and the very same page may be contacted in case anyone has information or can relate to this story / is familiar with the names and people. Every small detail counts)