Yemen: the flowers gone

I am finding out many of my neighbours have become ‘martyrs’.
All the young ones. The happy ones. The ones who wanted to travel, get engaged.
The ones working in the family corner shop, the taxi drivers, the students, the ones who helped me when I had the accident and maybe the ones involved in it; the ones who had no plans at all but did make a choice to go and fight. ‘It’s our duty’ they always tell me while I feel my duty is to protect them. At the end, we gave them this world, the fertile ground of wars included.
They started leaving on small buses in April 2015 (the war started on March 26 of the same year) from the Old City of Sanaá full of hopes. With a Kalashnikov and a small copy of the Holy Quran in hand.
They are heading north, They are going South my neighbours would tell me.
Don’t worry, Dear, Allah is with them.

They died in Mareb, Bab el Mandab, at the border, in places you have rarely heard of
The flowers are all gone.
They continue dying.
I hate social media. I hate WhatsApp messages in the middle of the night.
I could say it politely ‘Down with wars’. I won’t. FUCK WARS

photo: Reuters

2 thoughts on “Yemen: the flowers gone

  1. “WAR” is a dirty word. It comes from the mouths of those who claim supremacy over Life. Life is you, your brother, sister, father, mother, flora, fauna, forests, mountains, rivers, oceans, wildlife, the sky, sunrise, sunset. Life is not a religious institution, not a mosque, not a church, not a synagogue. Life is not an imam, a pope, a rabbi, a cleric, preacher nor prophet. Life is not a government enslaving its citizens in wars and the manufacture of war arsenal. Life is not a bureaucracy, nor the pen that writes the laws on people but not on itself.
    The translation of the word “LIFE” is not Ra, Yahweh, God, Allah, but LIFE. The sooner people learn to understand that LIFE is not a written nor verbal word and none of man’s futile fantasies, the sooner people see all that lives, temporarily as it may be, the sooner they will learn to understand the respect every living thing deserves. The only supremacy in existence is that of oneself over oneself. No other being has the right of supremacy over another.

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    1. This is just perfect.
      Because it is SO. Because this is what life is and there is no such thing as WAR.
      But there is, because of supremacy, because of idiocity, because of all the things you have said.
      Thank you Bob. Thank you


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