Socotra, a distress call

Beyond the headlines, the sides and the personal interests, the various factions, those who care and those who couldn´t care any less, those who always have the answer and know who is ultimately to be blamed.
This is a message from Socotra island, isolated from the world and forgotten in the middle of the Indian Ocean, 400 km ca, off war-torn Yemen.

”A distress call.
Dozens of critical medical cases on the island, including a case of coma and kidney failure.
We need help, regular boats coming to the island and flights to/from Hadibo.
Flights to Socotra have stopped months ago and, due to the monsoon season, there are no more boats to our shores.
Students, families, patients are stuck in Mukhalla now. It has been so for 2 months.

We lack  Baby Formulas, food, medicine.
Our lives are being sacrificed. We are under a forgotten siege.
The situation is worsening.
We need help within the next 48 hours.”

The kidney failure case was a prior message received:
”My friend…he had a kidney failure. It is the first time it happens to him. His health is deteriorating. There are no medicines at the hospital. Imagine: they cannot do anything at the hospital.
There are no flights to mainland. He is stuck here, in Socotra, and his condition does not allow him to travel by boat to Mukhalla. 
He is under the mercy of God.
The war in Yemen deprived people of everything. If you are sick, there are not even emergency flights from Socotra.
Can you please write about him and his case? Hopefully someone can send an airplane to get all the patients out. He is not alone. There are many like him.
His name is Abdullah Salem.”

The name Socotra is derived from a Sanskrit word with its meaning  close to “The Island of Bliss”.
That was before the senseless war. Before lives started being sacrificed in the name of power.
50.000 people, amongst the kindest on the planet, await to be remembered.
Beyond the headlines.


photo: © Time


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