Parallel deaths of war on Yemen

There never seems to be an end in sight.
War torn Yemen has been, basically, destroyed. The deaths, which seem to rise every morning with the sun, are not necessarily and exclusively the ones occurring under the bombs and/or in ground battles.
The parallel deaths which are not accounted for – and most likely will never be fully considered – are the shadowed ones. Shadowed by bigger news. In war times there is always a bigger news.
The parallel deaths cannot be confined to any category, chart . Not for now, not for the time being as Yemenis are busy skipping the bombs and the Saudis are busy white-washing their crimes at the UN.
The UN had, in fact, the unfortunate idea to blacklist the Middle Eastern Kingdom in consideration of its role in the killing of Yemeni children. Indiscriminate killing and inflicted suffering. Serious matters: crimes against humanity.
The black-listing lasted only a couple of days. Saudi dignitaries and diplomacy have already managed to make the UN temporarily cancel the report claiming they were and are, at the end, the victims. Constant state of denial.

We received a message from Socotra island two days ago.
Socotra is one of the most exotic paradises on earth, protected by the UNESCO.
With its  825 – and counting – endemic species, with its unparalleled heaven of biodiversity lying ca 400 km off the coast of Yemen, it was good to know that Socotra had been spared by the war. Mentally it was as if the island  was floating in a limbo, waiting for peace to arrive.
In extreme poverty, after having survived two cyclones which hit the island last November, meteorological calamities always seem better than any bombardment.
Allah Kareem, they say: God is generous. He will take care.
Then came the news, starting around February 2016, that the island had been lent/leased to the UAE for 99 years. The same UAE which is so active in bombing Yemen along with the Saudis (the eternal victims of this war, remember).
But everything made sense (a twisted one) at the end: it was a precious gift of run-away former Yemeni President Hadi to the Ruler of Abu Dhabi. With the compliments of Yemen must have read the card. Wars cost and Hadi needed to pay back.

On May 9 2016 we posted on Living in Yemen on The Edge page in Facebook an ‪#‎EXCLUSIVE‬ alert:

An informed source said on Friday, May 6, 2016 , that the Emirati military forces arrived to the ” island of Socotra ,” with a number of armored vehicles and military vehicles headed by an Emirati military delegation .
The source pointed out that some residents of the archipelago are shocked and distressed about the entry of these forces to the island as Socotra is a natural reserve of an extremely delicate endemic eco-system.
Most of the population contacted has expressed refusal to turn the island into a military base but who will listen to the isolated population?

And now the message of a friend in Socotra reminded us that not only bombs kill during wars and that most likely, one day, this parallel death will be put in the right chart.
For now, people in Socotra, await a slow death.

”My friend…he had a kidney failure. It is the first time it happens to him. His health is deteriorating. There are no medicines at the hospital. Imagine: they cannot do anything at the hospital.
There are no flights to mainland. He is stuck here, in Socotra, and his condition does not allow him to travel by boat to Mukhalla. 
He is under the mercy of God.
The war in Yemen deprived people of everything. If you are sick, there are not even emergency flights from Socotra.
Can you please write about him and his case? Hopefully someone can send an airplane to get all the patients out. He is not alone. There are many like him.
His name is Abdullah Salem.”

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