It´s our Wars

My friend saw the picture and blew this out:

”It happens far from us –  but then again, not even that much – but it happens every day, even when we do not see it, even if no one says it.
War is death and destruction and fear and disorientation; it’s the end of the places the way they were, annihilation of life which had been until then.
Wars created by the civilised West, fought with weapons manufactured and exported by us.
Our hand is on those dead, though we like to think we are not involved.
And the refugees that we Western developed countries do not want,  are running away from this: wars, death, fear, things that we thankfully will never know.
They are refugees of our wars .”
~ Daniela Arletti ~

The aftermath of an airstrike. On a market place.
Syria, 19 December 2015 (Anadolu Agency)

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2 thoughts on “It´s our Wars

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