Voices for Change: speaking for Yemen

              VOICES FOR CHANGE – November 25 project – has been on the net, and Facebook, for the past 6 years with just one aim: spreading awareness and drawing people together in the name of PEACE.
No political, religious, moral affiliation, just peace.
As reported on its website, a day has been chosen – November 25 – to reconsider where we stand in this world of ours:

has remained unchanged since 2010. There is no other way to WORLD PEACE but for
people to acknowledge that our historic evolution as a thinking species has failed and has left each next generation with a heavier burden to carry. This world needs change, people need to change. We, humans, need to rethink what on Earth we are doing.
Consciousness is the way to our Conscience, which tells us right from wrong. November 25 gives us all a day free of conditioned activity to reflect on where we are and where we are going, and to be guided by our findings 364 days a year.´´

The Group has been attending peace rallies from London to New York, organising concerts and small gatherings in Australia, meeting young students in Portugal and advocating for animal rights in France and Nepal, first aiding in Nepal during the earthquake and writing to the UN on several occasions to ask for reasoning and true commitment, not the farce we have always witnessed.


Voices for Change has always paid special attention and been close to Yemen (Faces of Yemen ), recognising the pure soul of the country and denouncing the war mongers’ agenda played on the skin of the Yemeni people. There have been rivers of blood running with little coverage from the media. The world turnt its face away, especially since the war started the night of 26 March 2015 when Yemenis went to bed and woke up to the sound of missiles and bombs from the Saudi-led warplanes. Nothing less than a crime against humanity.

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As the founder of Voices for Change, Bob Oort, states:
[Our project] Is about people, every day people who have lives and when left in peace will return the same with hospitality and kindness. Those committing such crimes on humanity as in Yemen (and everywhere in the world) are demons possessed people if not demons themselves. Wars are not created by people who ask for no more but their needs to live and care for their children.The power obsessed know nothing of Life, they only know about the false wealth within their gold-laced palaces, palaces that do not breathe except on the smell of oil and war arsenal. These are the people who shake hands with their own kind while holding a loaded gun behind their back. They have the means to create World Peace any tick of the clock, but they choose war, murder, genocide and the destruction of anything that is sacred to Life. Their lives are built on the history of dynastic and empirical warfare and enslavement of humans and animals alike.Consciousness is available to anyone who so chooses. It is the way to the heart and soul where the conscience of every man and woman lives. Consciousness is the door to the Conscience – where the keys to Peace and Harmony are kept. That door has no lock, it can be opened by anyone who chooses to do so, no exceptions.´´

12 thoughts on “Voices for Change: speaking for Yemen

  1. It is terrible what is happening in Yemen with civilians being bombed and you are right that it is little reported by the media. I have seen some reports of civilians being bombed on BBC news but not many. There is obviously far more coverage of Syria partly because there are more international players in Syria but also because there has not been the wave of refugees from Yemen that there has been from Syria landing the Syrian war on our doorsteps in Europe. I hope your efforts to create more peace in the world bear fruit.

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    1. Thank you Caroline. It is precisely so: the wave of refugees is zero from Yemen and the nation is simply being used as a proxy war.
      The BBC was the first international network to have a crew in Yemen. And I can assure you they were under the bombs like everyone else.

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  2. Dear Beatrice…you my sisStar know very well how I feel. There are no more words that can match my sadness even hopelessness at times. Crying does no one any good but still the tears flow.
    I will thank my lucky stars or whatever it is that has kept you safe, sound and sane.
    To all those who can write about these crimes upon innocent people I thank you deeply and encourage you to never give up. Surely all will not be lost…


    1. What a big surprise to find you here, my SeaStar.
      I know how you feel: your empathy knows no boundaries.
      Let us see what the future has in store for us, with only one dream: for wars to stop. For the 60 million refugees to find their way back to the homeland (sounds epic) and for us, us all, to regain reasoning.
      Love xo

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  3. THE NOVEMBER 25 INTERNATIONAL GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS DAY PROJECT posted as a petition to the UN December 1 after the first November 25 International Global Consciousness Day November 2011, was more than a petition to the UN. It aimed at creating a World Wide Facebook Users Voice in Solidarity to End the Vicious Cycle of Wars, environment, human and animal destruction. Facebook users were asked to all use the same profile picture in support of World Peace and the November 25 Principle as the platform for Global Consciousness.

    It was anticipated that if only a few hundred people would use the Profile Picture it would create a ripple effect and go viral across the net, from there it would spread further, the news media would take notice and people would take an interest in reading up and responding to the project.

    Since November 25, 2011, a mere 20 people have consistently maintained the World Peace Profile Picture as their Voice For World Peace. Thousands of people have seen and “Liked” the the continuous World Peace posts including the Profile Picture, yet none aside from 20 VOICES FOR CHANGE MEMBERS have ever taken the time to read the NOVEMBER 25 PETITION/DECLARATION, not even the 1147 people who signed the 2011 petition have read a word, neither have any signatories of our follow up petitions. This year, November 2016 will be the 6th November 25 International Global Consciousness Day. The mere 20 VOICES FOR CHANGE remain, waiting for people to add their VOICE IN SOLIDARITY FOR WORLD PEACE.
    The VFC Web Site: http://www.thenovember25project.com

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