Eidomeni: expired rubber bullets on children

Clashes continue in Eidomeni while Ms Mogherini and the European Parliament relegate the asylum seekers stuck between Greece and Macedonia border as a non-problem, a problem in the solving, Turkey´s next destination. And Erdogan cashes in.

What is utterly upsetting, disturbing, in this infernal scenario is that Macedonian Police have taken the habit to shoot tear gas and rubber bullets at close range, eye level (or lower, child´s level) and that the bullets are out of date. Expired in 1996. Twenty  years old.

Manufacturers of rubber bullets are obliged to put an expiry date as the coating on the bullet – which can be of metal or wood – hardens  with time and the projectile becomes fatal.

We use out of date weaponry on people with no legal status, 20 years old rubber bullets on children.
License to kill. Refugees. Mothers, children, people running from wars and desperation.
Proud, anyone?

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