To my Brother

We have a broken camera, a jumpy internet, little electricity but we search, we rush.
We have chosen to do what we do to honour the martyrs of Yemen and injustices alike.
You always leave a door open to news about Palestine and tell me: When war is over, we will take care of our Brothers there.
Battles never end, with you.
We mourn different friends in Syria, where you studied until the war in 2011 brought you back to two revolutions, a coup d´etat and war on our country.
Wars never end, these days.

At times you tell me of your brothers killed in action and it is you to console me when I barely know what to say: ´We are honoured to have martyrs, my Dear´. And you move on to the next news. Because we need to honour the martyrs with new work. We never take a day off.

When I tell you to take cover during airstrikes you reply: ´You must be joking´ and laugh. You know how to make me worry. That is: even more, as I have this tendency to worry always, anytime, any place, especially about you.
Like all Yemenis, yours is the heartbreaking habit of apologising I was caught in the war.
I stopped replying to you.

Yesterday was your birthday and at the end of the month you will graduate. I will save all your pictures of the party as it´s the first time I have a Brother in life. l feel I can go crazy out of happiness and pride.
You say I am your best-favorite Sister.
When I asked you: ´How many do you have?´, again, you gave me a very Yemeni reply: ´Eight!´

We made a promise, tonight, to work even harder for our common dream.
Happy Birthday Brother. We will pass through this war.

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