Yemen: the root of the nation

If you believe that Yemenis will give up an inch of their land to any foreign power, you are not counting the root of the nation, those millions who do not accept any bribe, who are not corrupted, who do not and will never sell their soul to the devil.
Those who believe Yemen is their sacred land and who fight, always, defending their soil.
Even on just one leg.

(For  Living in Yemen on the Edge , April 10 2016)

Ceasefire should start tonight but mercenaries of Saudi Arabia keep advancing in Marib, Al Jawf and Taiz in this very moment. Notwithstanding the heavy losses, they try.
It´s almost midnight in Yemen and this is our message: #لنتعايش #LetsCoexist

(with Qassim Alshawee in Sanaá)

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