Same war

I used to be so precise. Choosing the right picture for the specific topic.
A picture of Gaza could not be confused with a picture of Afghanistan. Refugees in Peshawar could not be mistaken for the internally displaced of Iraq.
A burqa was a burqa and an abayaa an abayaa and they meant different wars and claims.
Now I look at the pictures and it´s hard to differentiate. Homs in Syria looks like Aden in Yemen and children are starving in Syria and Yemen alike.
Bombs smell the same in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libia and Iraq.
Palestine Mothers cry their sons as the mothers of Iraq and Afghanistan; hospitals are bombed the same way in Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen and people are homeless in an endless number of countries.
Heads are chopped off in far too many nations, both under the name of a government or a state trying to consolidate.
Chemical weapons are used almost everywhere and banned cluster bombs continue to be used in defiance of any, basic, human right.
Bombs, I have been told, are all depleted uranium: no need to get surprised about it.
Humanitarian aid takes months – if not years – to enter the scattered sieged areas of war-torn countries and the UN will continue sine die to admonish those responsible of the siege without any further, practical action.
Scarcity of water is constantly used as a weapon of war with an increase in the number of lives claimed.
Rape has always been and will always be the most effective way to hurt the most vulnerable, the best weapon of war against women and children. Better if the children are girls. The younger, the better.
All the above constantly leads to what we have been witnessing for years: profusion of barbedwire fences in fields called  ‘detention camps’ and smugglers making big business. Along with humans being trafficked in modern day slavery.

No doubt we should obviously be precise, documented. Starting from the pictures.
But in case we make mistakes, we confuse dates and pictures,  we may be excused because at the end, it is clear: it´s all part of the same war. War on humanity.


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