Personal celebrities

 A friend wrote that she was posting this everywhere:
”We are not wealthy, we own small business, we are teachers, and teacher’s assistants. We are the police and firefighters the EMS.
We are carpenters, electricians, plumbers, the janitors, lawn keepers, housekeepers, the guys that pick up the trash.
We work on the roads, build your homes, make those endless phone calls, we are bank tellers, clerical workers, secretaries, nurses, paralegals, physicians assistants, hospital technicians.
We ring up your groceries and fill your prescriptions; we work in retail stores, we are the wait staff that takes your food orders.
Look around you, we are the many and more than this list, and we will no longer be used and manipulated by the system that takes our tax money and hands it over to the wealthy and powerful.
WE are America, and we demand change that will finally reflect our needs; we want that tax money used for all of us.
We are tired of endless wars and broken soldiers that are ignored and abused. We are the Bernie Sanders ARMY.”

I told her it reminded me of Brecht and  Ginsberg, somehow, and she replied: ‘Ginsberg? Wow – spent an evening with him many, many years ago – mostly drinking coffee and listening. The old days of coffee shops all around the Harvard campus.´

´Really?´I said. My mouth dropped. ´Lucky. Both of you.’ 

´Lucky me. Brecht I didn’t meet. Others that I did meet in those years: Jackie, Andy Warhol, Joe Cocker and few others. The days of crazy parties and mixing with celebrities that were all just people´.

I do not think I have ever met a celebrity in my life. But many of the people I met have become a personal celebration.
Apart from Isaac Asimov.  I did meet him. Though he was wise enough to avoid disclosing his identity.
He told me his name was Mike and he was a poet – ´Of few, targeted, well chosen words to express large concepts´ he used to tell me.
He often made fun of my language exploring, my search for ´idioms for idiots´ but I was only 18 and he was always, adoringly, patient.
That summer of long ago, in another part of the world, eventually ended.
I found out Mike had passed away some years later, reading the obituaries of Isaac Asimov.
That did not add anything to Mike, a very personal celebrity.

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