Not alone

Hadn´t the war occured, I would have never felt cosmic solitude, abandonment.
That definite feeling of having fallen in the silence of the universe, of having been forgotten.
Feeling still lingers on. It appears, sharply or mildy, according to the days. Moments.
War never leaves us but reality has proved us wrong; we have never been totally alone.
Below is a message received through social media from a total stranger:

“No words can describe the suffering of people in the Republic of Yemen.
I live several thousands of kilometers from Yemen but my heart can feel your sufferings 
and pains.
My deepest sympathies go to those who have lost their loved ones. Your homes, hospitals, schools, markets and food stores are torn to pieces and not to forget your civil infrastructures. Your country is also besieged so there is barricades of food, medicines etc which you need very badly to just survive. And all this is happening while the world stood silent to the war in Yemen.
War is evil to mankind as it cause innocent poor countries to suffer, whilst the offensive rich allies take pride in their brutal killings and helping the weapons industries to prosper.
May God the sole creator of infinite have mercy to the people of Yemen. My best wishes to friends in Yemen . Wassallam.
Zainal Abidin”

He added this picture. His post went viral.


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