March 26 2016: the Yemeni Aeneas & Anchises

For one full year under the bombs, with no shelter, no sirens to announce the warplanes arriving, no safe place, no water, no medicines, no fuel, no electricity, no food.
For one full year with no airplanes to defend the country.
For one full year surrounded by the silence of the world and fake news by corrupted media.
For one full year the shoulders of the Yemenis have carried much more than the weight of a father.
Like Aeneas, the most respected hero of the Trojan war left the city carrying his father Anchises on his shoulder and holding his son Ascanius´ hand, this Yemeni son is marching to the country´s biggest rally, ever. The one against one year of Saudi Arabia´s (and allies) war on Yemen on March 26 2016.
They marched to reach here in Sabaeen Square and sang the national anthem with millions of others.

You just have no idea how strong, resilient, full of dignity Yemenis can be.
March on. To the bravest people of our times, the Anaeases of Yemen.

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