Yemeni children are not sons and daughters of a lesser God.
They are entitled to the same rights as anyone else: right to peace, to school, to food, water, nights without air-raids, hours free of cluster bombs and depleted uranium explosions.
Yemeni children have the right to playing in the streets and not using the streets to beg for a piece of bread because there is no food home.
They are entitled to learn a second language, travel freely to visit relatives in other cities, have a bycicle and a playground to play.
Yemeni children must be entitled to the usual two rounds of new clothes per year: at the end of Ramadan for Eid al Fitr and for Eid al Adha, the biggest Islamic holiday of all at the final month of the Islamic calendar.

A right to have a full membered family must be secured: Yemeni children should not be visiting graveyards to mourn the death of a parent fallen under bombs made in distant countries selling them to Yemen´s next-door neighbours.

The bodies of Yemeni children must be complete and not maimed by a silenced, senseless war.

It sounds so banal, ordinary.
But we are raising a generation who has become dreamless, with only one remaining dream: for war to end.
Banal, ordinary indeed.

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