One year on, one war in between.
20 March 2015 marked the day of a great massacre in Sanaá when the al-Badr and al-Hashoosh mosques came under suicide attack during midday prayers.
142 people died and 351 were wounded.
Just a few days before the aggression from the coalition of 9 headed by Saudi Arabia started pounding our land.
Or maybe, the war started that Friday March the 20th.

One year on, one war in between: 9.000 civilians dead, almost 40.000 injured for life, an average of 9 children killed per day, infrastructure destroyed, an imposed siege blocking the life of Yemen, 2.4 million displaced, 300.000 children suffering of malnutrition, an entire country constantly being bombed, gassed, massacred, we are still here.
We have survived and are surviving in the silence of the world.
We are burying our families in bunches at a time and pray that justice will find its way.

One year on, on a sad anniversary, on Mother´s Day and war one in between, we are proud to say #JeSuisYemen.

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