Massacre in Hajjah, Yemen

YEMEN – MARCH 16, 2016

Another day in the UK/US/EU/ISRAEL/UN/IRAN/SAUDI governments indiscriminate war on people.
Children, women, men, blatantly murdered for a war obsessed bunch of criminals.
Yemen, Syria and Palestine are turning into graveyards for religious/political agendas that can never, ever, pave the way to Peace.
Who is responsible? There are so many religious/political factions involved that blaming one or the other means absolutely nothing, ALL parties involved are responsible for this hideous crime against humanity.
Is there a way to WORLD PEACE? Yes there is, but it won’t serve the military industrial war arsenal complex and its criminal financiers.
Worried about WWIII? This is it, it began way back long before WWI, it’s the same war, the war on people, the war against Life. It’s the greatest insanity on Earth. Why? Those in power claiming to be “World Leaders” and “Religious Leaders” cannot answer that without choking on their own perverted words.
What goes around comes around cannot happen soon enough. Murder is against the law in every country, “Law makers” and their associates cannot exempt themselves from that law, they will be haunted by the voices of their victims until they beg to die.

Bob Oort, Founder of Voices for Change peace network

6 thoughts on “Massacre in Hajjah, Yemen

  1. My thoughts are always on the children of Yemen and Syria. Really all troubled nations. I can not bear to see them suffer and endure so much. And the ones that die- who are they to steal their lives? I want to know. I am waiting……see – they can not even answer. Because they are no one really.

    Very nice writing thank you for your thoughts. my website is not done yet.

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