Stuck in Eidomeni

Eidomeni, Greek-FYROM border, March 2016

A baby was born at the border, in a tent, in the mud. Can it get any worse than this?
Of course. You can come to life, still trapped in Syria, in the middle of the street under the infamous barrel bombs. Or crossfire.
Or while the building is collapsing.
Or die soon after because of a barrel bomb, crossfire, collapsing of a building.
As in Yemen, you can come to life in a cave, because the airstrikes are so bad your mother cannot reach hospital.
Hospital, that is: favorite target of this war. Not worth an unsafe ride to an unsafe hospital.
There is no limit to how bad it can get. Our imagination seems not to be evil enough. Reality is unbeatable.
Life continues in Eidomeni. A baby was born in a tent, in the mud, in the cold.

And now what?

photo: AP

The borders continue to be closed.
We will have children, even newborn ones, surrounded by barbedwire and cold, mud. Stomachs filled with hunger, children taking care of younger brothers and sisters to help collapsing parents. Broken shoes, stringless. Filthy clothes, no water. No food, no toys, no medicines.
Keep the borders closed. Have a police officer defending us, just like this.
I wonder where do all the tears of the children go, once they evaporate?


Photograph by Iker Pastor


Our Continent of 550 million people cannot absorb 500.000 refugees.
Greed and racism know no math.

Nizar Ali

Nizar Ali, Syrian artist




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