Yemen still life. And life, still

Just before the war, with bombs here and there, a coup d’├ętat, the taking of the Presidential Palace in Sana’a, and that sense of instability, those big questions which were even too big to pronounce, the frustration of not being able to express how uncomfortable we were feeling, with the ears always paying attention to strange sounds (was it a bomb?, a kalashnikov?, why the sirens? have you heard it?), just before the war on Yemen, we were asking people to see Yemen through our eyes.
Whispering ‘We are here’
‘We have normal lives’
‘We will manage this’
‘Leave it to Yemenis, they always find a solution’

Yemen’s life, still.
Yemen still life and life still

Little red.

An amusement park in Sana’a has been bombed.
Makes no headline anywhere.
Makes no sense to us.
Probably this red car has been mistaken for a sophisticated-camouflaged army vehicle.
Or, simply, this is just another atrocity the Yemeni people have to face: a silent world while they are being bombed.
Soul does not talk much now12744708_978322838904967_7779047647196099144_n