I breathe gratitude

”Dear  Editor,
I write to you and attach this most harrowing and tragic photo of a Yemeni father holding and mourning his beautiful dead daughter killed by the bombings of Yemen from Saudi Arabia.
Can you see the sorrow and despair  of this father ?I can and it disturbs me immensely.
We have seen  the tragic pictures of the dead Syrian children on the beach now it’s  time the world saw the dead children of Yemen.
Yemen  is the forgotten  war  the forgotten  people and now the horrors of what the Yemeni people are forced to endure must be exposed.
These people now have no food, no water and no fuel, humanitarian aid have no access to reach them, they are shut off from the world.
These people are eating leaves from trees to try and survive.
Can you imagine being so starved you have to eat leaves? It’s dreadful.
Shame on the silence from the world leaders who are allowing this slaughter  of  innocent  civilians  and worse our British Government  is selling arms to Saudi Arabia .
I know you are a paper for the people and you have reported  on so many atrocities: please I urge and beg you to expose this horror of the Yemeni people.
This photo was sent to me from a friend who is from Yemen but managed to flee to safety.
Thank you for your time in reading this.
With Kind Regards.”

It is called eternal gratitude.
It happens when your soul talks through your heart and the discourse is imprinted, for eternity, in your brain. In each breath.
Eternal gratitude born out of the ups and downs of your daily struggles reordering memories, dealing with PSTD and the fact you know you will never be the same.
When you have already given up on humanity and basics, like friendship.
This letter was sent from a friend – a dear, dear one – to her paper after seeing the picture of a father mourning his little daughter killed during an air raid on our warn-torn soil.
A mother, my dear, dear friend, has spoken in the name of 25 million Yemenis trapped in a war declared on them while being silenced by everyone.
For once, I breathe gratitude. For eternity.

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